5 Neapolitan desserts to try absolutely

Pastiera, sfogliatella and babà make Naples famous in the world.  But neapolitan confectionery production, the most prolific and famous in Italy, does not stop there. Among historical pieces and novelties, here are the most tasty delicacies to recommend to your guests with a good coffee and the best pastries in which to try them.


It sounds incredible but this dessert comes from the cold Poland ( not soaked in rum but in Tokay) and  acquired the famous mushroom shape in France. The creamy filling and soft baked pasta are its Neapolitan DNA. What’s the most famous babà? In the top five of delicious babà there is Attanasio, the famous bakery near the central station, Mignone in Piazza Cavour, near the National Museum, the historical bakery Leone, in via Riviera di chiaia. Scaturchio prepares a special babà called Vesuvio: a real masterpiece for the view and the palate.



On Sunday morning, we know, the Neapolitan go out only to buy the so called “sfogliatella.” They were invented by the nuns of the cloistered convent of Santa Rosa on the Amalfi coast. The Santarosa arrived in Naples in XVII century and the master pastry chef Pasquale Pintauro, ancestor of the current managers, modified the dough to give it the unmistikable aesthetic that recalls a shell. In addition to the sfogliatella prepared by Pintauro, in the luxurios via Toledo, you can also try the puff pastries and the coffee of Carraturo in via Casanova 97. In the old town, Scaturchio is famous all over the world for its puff pastries while at the Caffè Gambrinus in via Chiaia, the oldest cafe in the city, between 19th century statues, you can enjoy a sweet break in Belle Epoque style.


A dark chocolate medallion with a heart of liqueur, ricotta, fruit and hazelnut invented by Francesco Scaturchio in the XIX century. The recipe remains still secret and the name is due to the endless bureaucratic process, from ministry to ministry, that the inventor faced to have the patent. It is a dessert created in the name of love: the young pastry chef Francesco loved the charming Anna Foquez, who asked him to invent a dessert for her. Since then this dessert is still produced in various formats.


In the Sanità district Ciro “Poppella” Scognamillo  created the most photographed neapolitan dessert: every day, from seven in the morning, there is the queue for this lucky invention. A fluffy brioche (leavened for 8 hours) with a very light filling of ricotta and cream, covered with icing sugar. Snow in Naples is rare, but Poppella’s snowflakes are worth the wait.


A typical neapolitan staple, with a fluffy filling of cream. You must eat it when it’s hot: the contrast between dough and cream is priceless. Capriccio pastry, in via Carbonara 39, is famous for this delicacy. With only one euro you will have a taste of paradise!




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