Christmas in town

Five wonderful places to visit during the Christmas holidays. 
The magic of Christmas transforms Campania, home of cribs and illuminations.

San Gregorio Armeno

It seems that the time has stopped at   Christmas here. The ancient art of the  shepherds and the nativity scenes, which recalls tradition but is enriched every year with new and original characters.
The "via dei Pastori" is a riot of people, craft shops and folklore, a place imbued with Neapolitanism and authentic fragrances.

Salerno lights
By day opalescent, at night dazzling, the luminous works pervade the city of Salerno. 
Christmas markets, street artists, jugglers and stilt walk along the Trieste 
Promenade, give to the visitors an unforgettable experience.

Calata della stella, Amalfi coast
Not far from Amalfi, there is a man-sized crib: Atrani. This charming village hosts "Calata della Stella", a tradition repeated every Christmas. The streets are illuminated with plays of light and fireworks. A beautiful show reflected by the sea.

Santa Claus Varcadoro Village
What if for once Santa Claus came to you? Not far from Naples there is its magical village.
 You will need about three hours to see every detail, from the post office, where every child will be able to express his most hidden desire, to the kitchen that tastes like cookies and freshly baked cakes.

Pietrarsa Museum
History, tradition and culture meet at the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa, which turns into a real Christmas town for the holidays. 
Street markets, shows, desserts and street food in a truly unexpected and original location.

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